Shop our KittySalon® Groomer to find a cat self-groomer that keeps your home free of cat hair. Our KittySalon® Groomer is now in stock for immediate delivery! 

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Get the KittySalon Groomer for as little as $23.17/month (previously $46.66/month) for six months with no interest when using PayPal credit below at check out.

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Get the KittySalon Groomer for just $139.00!*
Use PayPal credit below to get it for as little as $23.17/month for six months with no interest.

*When you sign-up for the Groomer Disc automatic renewal program every 30 days under the 3-4 cats refills. (Cancel anytime after receiving 12 shipments of Groomer Disc packets).

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Receive a 10% discount on the replacement Groomer Disc packets. When you use our automatic renewal program, you'll receive a 10% discount on the replacement Groomer Disc packets of (8) discs that normally retails for $14.95 for $13.46 per packet and free shipping. You can cancel your order at any time by giving us a call.

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How often do I need to replace the Groomer Discs?

We recommend changing the Groomer Discs every two weeks if you have 1-2 cats in your home and every week if you have 3-4 cats. Higher shedding times may require you to replace them more frequently. The Groomer Discs come in packs of (8) discs, so a packet of discs will last you approximately 30-60 days depending on the number of cats you have in your home.