Frequently Asked Questions

How does the KittySalon® Groomer work?

As your cat enters the KittySalon® Groomer to get to their food and water, your cat goes through two soft Groomer Disks. These Groomer Discs groom your cat’s fur to remove the loose cat hair they shed every time your cat enters and exits the KittySalon® Groomer.

Our patented groomer disks are made with hair-grabbing soft fiber materials that our cats have tested and approved to be both comfortable and effective in removing loose hair when brushed against. The material is sturdy enough to last the average cat a couple weeks, and this is what makes the Kitty Salon Groomer work.

How is the KittySalon® Groomer shipped?

The KittySalon ®Groomer will be packaged in a corrugated box and shipped to you by FedEx.

What are the dimensions of the KittySalon® Groomer?

The KittySalon® Groomer is 20″ [508 mm] in diameter x 16″ [406 mm] tall.

What comes in the box?

You will receive the KittySalon® Groomer plus (1) starter packet of (8) Groomer Discs.

Will the KittySalon® Groomer scratch my floors?

No, the base of the KittySalon® Groomer has four rubber pads so these pads will protect your floor from getting scratches.

How do I clean my KittySalon® Groomer?

The KittySalon® Groomer is molded from high-quality plastic material and should be cleaned with a mild household cleaning agent. You can use a quality window cleaner to clean the clear acrylic lid. The food and water dispensing containers can be removed and put into your dishwasher for cleaning.

Will my cat fit into the KittySalon® Groomer?

The KittySalon® Groomer entrance is approximately 22″ [558.6 mm] in circumference, so if your cat’s torso is 21.5″ or less around their torso when measured with their fur completely compressed, your cat will fit into our cat groomer.

What kind of warranty does the KittySalon® Groomer come with?

The KittySalon® Groomer comes with a one-year warranty from the time of purchase. We will replace any part that is defective during this time period under normal use, however the defective part must be shipped back to us for evaluation to determine the cause of the failure before a new part can be shipped to you.

How do I insert the Groomer Discs?

The Groomer Discs are loaded into CD-type plastic cases. These CD cases are then loaded into a pocket from the top of the KittySalon® Groomer.

Is there any assembly required?

The KittySalon® Groomer comes to you fully assembled. The two Groomer Disc Cartridges will also be loaded with Groomer Discs so your product comes ready for you to use. (Please refer to how to train your cat to use the KittySalon® Groomer below.)

What if my cat is afraid to go into the KittySalon® Groomer?

Your cat will need to be trained to go into the KittySalon® Groomer. You start by letting them go into the cat groomer without inserting the Groomer Discs to get to their food and water. After about one week, you can insert the front Groomer Disc and let them experience going through the front Groomer Disc for a couple of days before inserting the second or back Groomer Disc.

The key is to be patient with your cat! This is a new experience for them so don’t force them to go into the KittySalon® Groomer. The luring attraction for your cat is that their food and water is located in the KittySalon® Groomer. Your cat will learn quickly to go through the Groomer Discs the same way cats go through pet doors.

How often do I need to replace the Grooming Disks?

We recommend you replace the Groomer Discs every 1-2 weeks and more frequently during heavy shedding times if you have multiple cats in the home. We'd also like to add, our grooming discs are made from 100% recycled materials!

Do I have to worry about getting water on my floors?

No, the KittySalon® Groomer is completely watertight so water will not leak unto your floors.

How large are the dispensing bowls?

They will hold up to 10 cups of dry cat food and 2 cups of water.

How do you open the clear lid on KittySalon® Groomer?

You need to release the two latches on each side of the lid and then lift the lid up with the knob on the front of the lid.

How does the automatic renewal program work? 

You will receive a 10% discount on the replacement Groomer Disc packets of (8) disks that normally retails for $14.95 for $13.46 per packet and free shipping. You can cancel your order at any time by giving us a call or sending us an email at