The KittySalon Groomer

The answer to your most annoying cat hair problems

Our patented KittySalon Groomer Discs capture unwanted cat hair!

Made with 100% recycled materials!

The KittySalon Groomer is your best companion in keeping the cat hair out of your home.

What is it?

The KittySalon® Groomer was created to reduce the amount of cat hair you have in your home. It’s an innovative cat grooming system that contains both food and water dispensers. (The approximate size is 20” diameter by 16” tall.) It also has a top-entry clear lid so you can see when your cat needs more food and water.

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How does it work?

When entering the KittySalon® Groomer to get food or water, your cat will go through 2 soft Grooming Disks which remove the loose hair. This happens each time your cat enters and exits (which could be several times a day), so your cat’s fur will be well groomed. The KittySalon Groomer is very effective in removing the loose hair as your cat is groomed twice going in and twice coming out of the KittySalon Groomer.

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Is assembly required?

The KittySalon® Groomer comes to you fully assembled. All you need to do is load the Groomer Disc into the Groomer cartridges and it is ready to be used. Read more about how to train your cat to use the KittySalon® Groomer on the FAQ page.

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My kitten began feeding from the KittySalon Groomer immediately. It holds a lot of food and water and contains spills. It is amazing how cat hair clings to the Groomer Disks.

- I. Thompson

A dependable and non-expensive way to groom your cats without getting hair everywhere. It's also hands and hassle-free!


Kitties were apprehensive at first, but with time they became more inquisitive about what was inside the groomer! Now they explore, drink and get tidy all at once. My carpet salutes you! Yay!

- Steve L.

I have three ragdoll cats. I love the kitty groomer and the way it keeps my cats' fur clean and hair off my furniture. I immediately see a difference when I use the groomer. I no longer have to vacuum all the time to clean the cat hair off my floors and furniture. The groomer discs really remove the loose hair from my cats. I would highly recommend the KittySalon Groomer for anyone who has annoying problems with cat hair.

- Hannah M.

The Kitty Salon Groomer is easy to set up and use. My cat loves the privacy it provides while enjoys his meals! It is amazing how much hair it removes without him even realizing it! Last but not least, the design of the kitty salon groomer is attractive enough to fit in anywhere in your home. Thank you Kitty Salon Groomer!

-Sharon G.

My cats really enjoy the groomer! They go in there to eat and just hang out sometimes it has really helped with the fur reduction in our house I notice the disc really does a great job removing the fur on it! I highly recommend this product!


Fed up with all that cat hair in your home?

Then you need our new KittySalon® Groomer!

We developed and tested our new KittySalon® Groomer on long and short-haired cats for over three years, so we’re confident that you're going to love how our cat groomer keeps that cat hair out of your home. With our 100% money back guarantee, you can try our new product in your home for 60 days, risk-free! If you're not fully satisfied with the KittySalon® Groomer, you can simply return it to us for a full refund of your purchased price.


Automatically grooms your cat's fur and reduces brushing.

Disposable Groomer Disks for easy cleanup.

Integrated food and water dispensers for no-mess feeding.

Less cat hair on your floors, furniture, carpet, and clothes.

Helps people who suffer from cat hair allergies.

Reduces cat hairballs.

Keeps dogs from eating your cat’s food.

Keeps small toddlers from getting into your cat’s food and water.

Groomer disks are made from 100% recycled materials.