The KittySalon Groomer

The answer to all your cat hair problems!

Our patented KittySalon Groomer Discs automatically capture unwanted cat hair!

Your order includes the KittySalon Groomer and one FREE starter packet of (8) Groomer Discs!

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Are you fed up with all that cat hair in your home? Then you need our new KittySalon Groomer.

We developed and tested our new KittySalon Groomer on long- and short-haired cats for over three years, so we’re confident that your going to love our product to help you keep that cat hair out of your home. With our 100% money back guarantee, you can try our new product in your home for 30 days, risk free! If you're not fully satisfied with our product, you can simply return it to us for a full refund of your purchased price.

My kitten began feeding from the KittySalon Groomer immediately. It holds a lot of food and water and contains spills. It is amazing how cat hair clings to the Groomer Discs.

- I. Thompson
Spartanburg, SC

What Is It?

The KittySalon Groomer was created to reduce the amount of cat hair you have in your home. It is an innovative cat grooming system that contains both food and water dispensers (approx. size 20″ diameter by 16″ tall).

How Does It Work?

When your cat enters the KittySalon Groomer to get to their food or water, your cat will go through two soft Grooming Discs. These Grooming Discs groom your cat’s fur to remove the loose hair on their fur that they shed. This happens every time your cat enters and exits the KittySalon Groomer, which could be several times a day, so your cat’s fur will be well groomed.

When your cat’s fur is consistently groomed, it will reduce the amount of cat hair you see on your carpets, rugs, furniture, and clothing. When the Grooming Discs are full of cat hair, you simply throw them away and replace them with new ones. (It’s the same concept as replacing the filters on your furnace each month to keep your home free of dust and air particles.)

Before and after KittySalon Groomer Discs


Automatically grooms your cat’s fur and reduces brushing.

Disposable Groomer Discs for easy cleanup.

Integrated food and water dispensers for no-mess feeding.

Less cat hair on your floors, furniture, carpet, and clothes.

Helps people who suffer with cat hair allergies.

Reduces cat hairballs.

Keeps your dogs from eating your cat’s food.

Keeps your small toddlers from getting into your cat’s food and water.

KittySalon Groomer with lid off
KittySalon Groomer with open lid


We’ve designed our new and improved product with the following improvements!

  • Larger food and water bowls
  • Hinged acrylic lid for top entry
  • Improved front cover design

Also coming soon are two new exciting products!

We’re developing two new discs, one to clean your Kitty’s fur, and the other one to apply a fresh clean scent to your Kitty’s fur. Check our website often for updates on these new and exciting products.